I LOVE reading Helen Mead’s articles and identify with many of her comments, particularly ‘Making room for my clutter’ (The Press, November 1).

As a fellow maximalist I have many vintage pieces and family heirlooms, which have many happy memories attached (the loft is full too).

Friends often comment I need a bigger house.

My daughter recently commented that she would need to buy a bigger house before anything happens to me... to fit in all my ‘junk’.

Less is more, never!

Lynne Lea,

Ivy Place,

New Earswick, York

Maximalism comes back into fashion

HELEN MEAD, you are my new best friend.

Thank you so much for your article (The Press, November 1).

I always knew maximalism would come back in fashion, and you have now confirmed it. Hooray!

My husband tells me our home is too cluttered and we don’t need a picture gallery everywhere.

However, I like my “things” around me.

Most of them have a special meaning and, like you, I feel “ rooms brimming with interest have so much more character”.

Mrs S Greenaway,