HUNDREDS of protestors are expected to take to the streets of York on Saturday in a People’s Vote march.

York for Europe is organising a march, which starts at 1pm in St Helen’s Square, and will be followed by a rally. This follows on from the London People’s Vote march on October 20, which was attended by more than 700,000 people.

The People’s Vote is a campaign group calling for Britain to have a public vote on the final Brexit deal between the UK and European Union.

Martin Brooks, chairman of York for Europe, said: “Instead of extra money for the NHS, we face a trade deal with the US which will see our NHS sold to American corporations; instead of exciting new trade opportunities our government is preparing for food and medicine shortages; instead of taking back control we face a future of having to accept substandard food, poor environmental standards and US style ‘hire and fire’ employment practices.

"This isn’t what anyone voted for and it’s only democratic to allow people a chance to rethink. In Yorkshire there are particular concerns over the effects of Brexit on exporting companies, farmers and the university sector – whose international reputation has been built on EU research funding and free movement of academic staff and research students.”