A YOUNG mum has thanked an "angel" who rescued her and her baby son when they were stranded in the middle of the night at York Hospital, some 12 miles from home.

Cassie Calvert, of Barlby Road, Selby, said she went by ambulance to the hospital’s A & E department one evening last week with her one-year-old son Stephen Jackson, after he had become increasingly poorly with a cold.

“His chest was getting worse and he was wheezing, so I rang 111 and they sent an ambulance to take us,” said Cassie, 26.

“When we were there, it was ages before we saw a doctor, and he was eventually diagnosed as suffering from an infected throat and ear, and given a throat spray.

“But because he hadn’t drunk much because his throat was so painful we had to stay to check he was urinating OK and his kidneys had not been affected, and so it was 3am before we were able to go home.

“Unfortunately, we were told that because he had not been admitted to a ward, we would not be able to get an ambulance to take us home.

“I had left my purse behind and did not have any money on me, and I became quite upset.

“He had been screaming because of the pain and I was absolutely shattered by now.”

Cassie said a woman, who was attending A & E herself, either because she or her husband was ill, heard what was happening and then came up to offer to pay for her to take a taxi home, and gave her £40 to pay for the fare.

“I just burst into tears, because it was the kindest thing anyone has ever done for me, especially as she was a complete stranger,” she said.

“To this nice lady, I want to say thank you so much. You are an angel and a beautiful person.”

She added that Stephen was now recovering well and said she would like to take the woman out for lunch one day shortly to say thank you properly.

*She asked the "angel" to email mike.laycock@thepress.co.uk, or call Mike Laycock on 01904 567132, so he can pass on contact details.