Review: Geoff Norcott, Traditionalism, Selby Town Hall, November 2

GEOFF Norcott must enjoy being alone in a crowd. As a declared Tory, changing careers from being an English teacher to a stand-up comedian can’t offer much more of a sense of belonging to the in-crowd, but given that much of his show is taken up with poking fun at the “woke” generation, he isn’t much bothered.

He recaps on his career so far, pointing out that his biggest gig ever wasn’t even as a comedian. He got his big break by being the right ideological shape to fit the vacant right wing comedian slot on Question Time of all things.

On Brexit, a large section of the audience identified as “Remainers” when asked, so one wonders if they knew just what they might be letting themselves in for when they bought their tickets. Norcott thoroughly enjoys his digs at the very middle class “People’s Vote” marchers with their fitbit step targets and Browns lunch reservations, pointing out that in order to frighten the establishment into changing policy, angry working-class rioters, like those protesting against the poll tax in the Eighties, might be a better bet.

The laughter was raucous; even those who don’t agree with his politics can enjoy his middle-aged, long-married poke at the new requirement for “enthusiastic consent”. For those that do, the evening was a sheer delight; it’s a great alternative to swearing at The News Quiz on BBC Radio 4 while driving home.

Alison Spaven