IT has been 70 years since the arrival of the SS Empire Windrush in Britain, signalling a post-war immigration pattern from the Caribbean.

This request from the UK spurs a world-shifting decision for many in the Caribbean. “You called and we came” is the phrase repeated in Phoenix Dance Theatre’s piece, a beautiful exploration of the fears and dreams of the Windrush generation.

Choreographer Sharon Watson tells a cross-generational story, reflected in a soundtrack that spans 1948 to present day. There’s a strong theme linking these song choices: faith unites the people we follow,whether it’s faith in a partner joining them in the UK, or a hope for a better future.

The set design is innovative, crates transforming into a settee and rug combo. It’s cramped into a corner of the stage: a small consolation for years of bigotry, but we feel the stillness when Prentice Whitlow’s fluid movements slump comfortably into the worn sofa cushions. Here’s a tiny slice of home, a celebration of multi-cultural Britain guaranteed to uplift audiences.

Windrush follows two shorter sequences. Aletta Collins’s Maybe Yes Maybe, Maybe No Maybe is a modern exploration of fighting for a voice on stage, the five dancers’ patterns emulating a human loop pedal. Christopher Bruce invokes a more traditional style for Shadows, combining graceful movement with the heightened culture of fear surrounding 20th century Europe.

Second performance: tonight (November 2) at 7.30pm. Box office: 01904 623568 or at