A SCHOOL in York was visited by the king of dinosaurs to mark the end of the schools half term.

Pupils at Clifton Green School were greeted by a T-Rex in the final school assembly of the term.

The giant dinosaur was brought in by the company Educator Group, to help celebrate the end of the schools theme for the term, which was adventurers and explorers.

Amy Evans, who teaches Year 1, said: “All the children were treated to seeing the T-Rex and then the Year 1 pupils were able to take some photos with the dinosaur.

“Throughout the children’s lessons this half term, Year 1 have been learning about Dinosaurs in their lessons.

“We have made clay dinosaurs and produced several dramas about them.

“In science, we discussed the fundamental differences between herbivores, carnivores and omnivores.

“One of our key traits is enriching childhood and this was a great way to show that.”

Deputy head, Nicola Jones, said: "We hope that having events like these can help create memories that will last long into the future.

“There were a selection of other themes for different year groups including pirates and Arctic explorers that helped our pupils engage with their learning in different ways.”

Mrs Jones said that next terms themes, entitled looking back, will focus on significant events throughout history that have shaped Britain’s society.

She said: “Our theme will focus on several historic events. These include The Great Fire of London, the Victorian era, the Romans, the Vikings and the First and Second World War to teach and educate the children about some of the most poignant parts of our recent history.”