The LORD mayor of York has officially named a park in honour of a First World War veteran and one of the founders of the Royal Air Force.

The park on Tedder Road, Foxwood, has been officially named the Dickson Park, after Sir William Forster Dickson.

The ceremony was organised by Foxwood Local History group, who put on a selection of events to remember the history throughout the Acomb area.

Sue Galloway, member of the Foxwood History group, said: “Following the demolition of the RAF houses in the 1998 and the building of a new estate we wanted to tell the story of the area and why the roads were named after former Air Marshals.

“During this research we realised that there had been a road called Dickson Road which had been forgotten by the developers.

“We sought permission from the council to call this area Dickson Park in honour of Air Marshal Dickson who had served in the first World War and who had been a prominent officer in the RAF.

“It is a particularly fitting tribute in what is the centenary year of both the formation of the RAF and the end of the First World War.”

Sir Dickson joined the the Royal Naval Air Service as a direct entrant in 1916.

He was involved in various aspects of naval flying during the war, including operations from the turret of the battle Battleship HMS Revenge and early landing trials aboard the after deck of HMS Furious.

In 1918 he became one of several camel pilots from Furious who undertook a raid against the airship sheds at Tondern, the first carrier borne strike in history.

That year he also helped to form the RAF.

After the war Dickson became chief of the air staff in 1953.

In retirement, he worked for a variety of charitable organisations including the Royal Central Asian Society and the Forces Help society.

Mrs Galloway said: “Our project, called What Was Here Before, aims to remember important events in our area that visitors can come and learn about.”

The ceremony was one of several events taking place in the area over the next couple of weeks to mark the centenary anniversary.

Mrs Galloway said: “On November 10, volunteers will be cleaning 12 WW1 gravestones in St Stephen’s Churchyard.

“There will also be a remembrance service at the Acomb War Memorial on The Green.”