YOUR eyes didn't decieve you if you saw a man sailing the river in a giant pumpkin today.

Tom Pearcy, the owner of York Maze, paddled the huge pumpkin down the Ouse in an attempt to set a new record for the world’s biggest pumpkin boat.

Weighing over 97 stone, the hollowed out pumpkin was hoisted into the river with a JCB. Tom was cheered on as he sailed between Ouse and Skeldergate Bridge.

Tom said: "Roman conquerors, Viking invaders, medieval knights, Victorian industrialists and now tourists have all sailed down York’s River Ouse. But never in York’s 2000 year history has anyone ever rowed a giant pumpkin down the Ouse."

Tom's stunt was carefully planned with authorities including the Canals and Rivers Trust and York Rescue Boat, who were in attendance to provide safety cover.

The world record giant pumpkin boat will be transported back to York Maze where it will be on display during the York Maze Halloween festival until Sunday, November 4.

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