Primal Scream, Give Out But Don't Give Up: The Original Memphis Recordings (Sony Music) ****

THE Stone Roses and The La's made recordings for their iconic debut albums more than once, but what stops a band from giving the green light sooner? The question re-emerges because Primal Scream's follow-up to 1991's peerless Screamadelica was fluffed. We should have been spared the unnecessary George Clinton intrusions and funky jams that derailed Give Out... once George Drakoulias was detailed by Creation Records supremo Alan McGee and band leader Bobby Gillespie to replace guitar, bass and drum parts. Thankfully, Primal Scream's 1993 equivalent of the "Basement Tapes" has been found all these years later in a box in rhythm guitarist Andrew Innes' basement. "Somehow we lost our way afterwards," says Gillespie, admitting creativity can drift down the wrong track. These original Memphis sessions with Tom Dowd and the Muscle Shoals rhythm section make Give Out...the best (faux) Rolling Stones record of the past 30 years, Jailbird, Rocks, Call On Me, Everybody Needs Somebody et al. "I feel redeemed," says Gillespie. So do we.

Charles Hutchinson