A MONSTER pumpkin is set to make history by being rowed down the River Ouse in York tomorrow morning.

The plant, which weighs an astonishing 1,364lb, or 619kg, is being turned into a boat which Tom Pearcy, owner of York Maze, plans to navigate down the river between Ouse Bridge and Skeldergate Bridge.

Organisers say Roman conquerors, Viking invaders, medieval knights, Victorian industrialists and now tourists have all sailed down the Ouse, but never before has a pumpkin made the journey.

Tom is due to set off from Queen's Staith, opposite the Kings Arms pub, between 10am and 11am, after the pumpkin has been hoisted into the water with a JCB telehandler.

Afterwards, York Rescue Boat will tow the giant pumpkin back to Queens Staith, where it will be hoisted back out of the river and transported back to York Maze at Elvington. It will then be on display during the York Maze Halloween festival, which runs until Sunday November 4.

A maze spokesman said there is currently no Guinness World record for largest pumpkin Boat.

"York Maze have applied to Guinness World Records to have this new record recognised," he said.

"According to our research, the 619kg (1,364 lb) pumpkin to be turned into a boat by York Maze is heavier than any other pumpkin boats that have been reported in the media."

He thanked CANNA, a producer of nutrients and growing mediums which assist with the cultivation of fast growing plants, for providing the giant pumpkin.

He also stressed that the attempt has been done with careful safety planning and approvals from appropriate authorities including the Canals and Rivers Trust, while York Rescue Boat would be in attendance to provide safety cover.