WITH climate change regularly making headlines and many people unsure of what they can do to help, giving up meat is the major active and positive choice we can make.

Farmed animals produce more greenhouse gas emissions (18 per cent) than the world's entire transport system (13.5 per cent).

It makes you think, doesn't it? The only genuine way to cut down on these harmful emissions is to stop eating meat.

Many organisations, like Animal Aid, Compassion In World Farming and PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), have information on this.

I know that the Vegetarian Society has produced a report with the facts about how diet impacts on the environment, "Why It's Green To Go Vegetarian".

It's available at www.vegsoc.org/environment, or you can phone 0161 925 2000 for their free booklet, which explains why vegetarians' meat and fish-free lifestyle reduces their impact on the environment.

Vegetarianism is not only a healthy and ethically sound diet, it is a major step to help reduce greenhouse gases, conserve water and conserve land.

Charles Everett, Green Party prospective Parliamentary candidate for Outer York constituency, North Moor, Huntington, York.