A YORK councillor today has his sights set on the hallowed halls of Parliament.

James Alexander has been named as the Labour Party's candidate for the hotly contested York Outer parliamentary seat.

Mr Alexander said he was "ecstatic" to have won an internal vote last night and is now looking forward to representing his party at the next General Election.

He said: "I am extremely pleased to be selected as Labour's candidate for York Outer.

"I am a hard-worker and I will now continue fighting hard to win the seat and help people's lives.

"Labour can defiantly win in York Outer and make a difference. I am the right man for the job."

The would-be MP has been a ward councillor in Holgate since May, and is a former president of the University of York's student union.

Mr Alexander will stand against Julian Sturdy, the Conservative parliamentary candidate for York Outer, and the Lib Dems' candidate Madeleine Kirk, at the next general election.

York Outer is a new "doughnut" constituency made up of the outer wards of City of York Council.