A MENTAL health campaigner has criticised a York bar for the way it has advertised a Halloween party.

The Drawing Board in New Street advertised its Halloween event - Return To The Asylum - on Facebook in a way campaigners claim furthered stigma against mental health.

In the online advert, the bar said: “The deranged doctors and nurses have lost control of the mental Asylum AGAIN and all the killers and psychopaths are running free.

"Enter at your own risk.... Don’t forget to have your medicine on arrival!”

Amanda Griffiths, from York Mental Health Peer Support Group, said the way the party had been advertised was “ill thought out and irresponsible”.

Amanda said: “We would like business owners in York to be a little more responsible about how they promote the events and how they learn about mental health.

“It’s about recognising that a lot of people who are receiving mental health care and treatment, or suffering from difficulties, might have experienced traumatic life changing events in the past.”

Towards the bottom of the Facebook post, the bar added the following disclaimer: “We are in no way associated with the NHS or any professional medical body and the decorations and costumes are in no way intended to represent or even be reminiscent of any NHS or private medical practitioners or facilities.”

Amanda said: “This is about asking people to be more responsible about how they promote their events.

"People need to look at the Government campaign to eradicate mental health stigma.

“They spent £20 million on the Time To Change campaign to understand the causes of and impact of mental health and how damaging that stigma can be."

The Press contacted The Drawing Room for comment but none was available at time of going to press.