Last Saturday 700,000 people marched peacefully through central London, united in the aim of allowing the people a vote on the Brexit deal.

Amongst them were scores from York, many of whom, like me, got up long before dawn.

We know more now than we did in 2016. We know that negotiations are not quick and easy; there is no consensus about the details of the Brexit deal; that the Good Friday Agreement and peace in Northern Ireland are on the line if we do not get this right.

People from across the country from all walks of life, people who voted Remain but also many who voted Leave, want a chance to have their say on what is right for this country at this stage.

Yes, David Cameron said there would not be another referendum, but he also said that he would see it through as Prime Minister - and yet he resigned immediately.

It was acknowledged after the vote that the NHS was not to receive £350 million a week, it became clear that the Government was considering leaving the Single Market and the Customs Union, that the ‘Switzerland’ or ‘Norway option’ were swept off the table - despite so many prominent Leave campaigners promising to keep the benefits of both.

How come ‘not another referendum’ is somehow the most important promise?

On Saturday, November 10 many will march in York to show their strength of feeling. I hope you will join us.

Ulrike Bulle,

Dringhouses, York