IF you didn't catch Edinburgh Fringe award-winning comedian, writer, presenter and broadcast journalist Juliette Burton on her flying visit to York's Great Yorkshire Fringe this summer, now comes another chance on her autumn tour as Butterfly Effect takes to the air again.

Juliette will be investigating the power of kindness and whether small, kind-hearted acts can make the world a better place at Harrogate Theatre tonight, The Carriageworks Theatre, Leeds, on Wednesday, and Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough, on November 29.

Her one-woman revolution aims to help us to look at ourselves and those around us in a more positive, life-affirming way. "I try to do at least three acts of kindness before midday," she says. "Aim for small, achievable goals. I think you can possibly save a life just by being kind; a little smile; actually listening to someone when you ask how they are. Be patient."

Juliette was prompted to write a show about kindness for last year's Edinburgh Fringe after experiencing a "horrible year". "Things happened that were out of my control, and on a daily basis there are horrible things going on, so I tried to focus on doing acts of kindness for a specific reason, to distance myself from what was happening.

"One man came to my latest show and told me that the previous year he'd come up to Edinburgh to kill himself that day but the way I talked to him in the street, he felt obliged to come and see my show, when he was going through a divorce and was losing his battle with cancer, and it made him think again.

"He's been to Edinburgh every summer since then; he went to the Adelaide Comedy Festival to see me; he met someone new in Adelaide and he's still battling on against his cancer too."

Juliette's belief in positivity is all the more remarkable when her own health is taken into consideration. "I had obsessive compulsive disorder symptoms and eating disorder symptoms from the age of seven or eight, but they were not diagnosed until I was 14, so my education was completely disrupted," she says. "One reaction was that I was 'attention seeking', but at 16 I was diagnosed as bipolar, and I'm still bipolar, I still suffer from depression, anxiety, and I still struggle with eating disorders, but I accept I'll probably have these problems for the rest of my life.

"I'm still in therapy; I have regular meetings with my doctor, but being creative and meeting people after shows, that gives me a better chance of being 'up' and a better chance of managing my condition – and I will always do the show, no matter how I'm feeling that day."

Juliette Burton, Butterfly Effect, Harrogate Theatre Studio, tonight (October 18), 8pm; The Carriageworks Theatre, Leeds, Wednesday, October 24, 7.45pm; The McCarthy, Stephen Joseph Theatre, The McCarthy, Scarborough, November 29, 7.15pm. Box office: Harrogate, 01423 502116 or at harrogatetheatre.co.uk; Leeds, 0113 376 0318 or carriageworkstheatre.co.uk; Scarborough, 01723 370541.​