A STORAGE company based in York has been named as the UK's best independent facility.

Inner Space Stations, based on Layerthorpe, was handed the award by the Self Storage Association in September.

The storage firm has more than 300 units and is branded with a space theme including Daleks, Stormtroopers and an Optimus Prime Transformer that guards the entrance.

Graham Kennedy, managing director of the company, said: “As an independent family-run business running service stations for the past 30 years, moving into self storage was a new venture for us. We toured the UK analysing all the best operators and tried to come up with something completely different using a ‘simply the best’ strategy.

"This award is testament to our great team and to all of the advice and support we have received from other self storage operators throughout the UK. I look forward to pushing the standards even higher. I expect that self storage will help to facilitate huge changes in society and the way we live.”