A YORK-based entrepreneur and designer plans to launch a new product to transform the tricky task of assembling furniture.

Alice Dixon, a recent graduate of York St John University’s Grad2Director programme, has been turning the heads of prospective investors and customers with her home furniture solution called fohr.

The product will enable customers to create their own shapes and designs with a combination of panels and adaptable, innovative joints and rods which lock in increments of 30 degree angles to revitalise existing furniture.

Alice, a former York St John University Design graduate, said: “Getting to this point has been so much hard work and it has been a huge learning curve for me especially doing this straight after graduating. From being a product designer to seeing your own product out in the world for customers to buy is the ultimate goal.

"Fohr is designed with the environment in mind, working towards a circular economy. When you want to update your design simply send us back your recyclable plastic joints and rods and we will turn them into plastic pellets. We can then use these to create more products without the material wastage. You can also get that fresh look you want without the waste.”

The Grad2Director programme is a specialised course to equip students with all the tools and funding necessary to become a company director.

Through support from the programme, and exactly one year from graduating, Alice is now ready to launch a Kickstarter campaign for Fohr to be put into production in homes across the UK with the potential for global distribution.

The Kickstarter campaign for fohr, which is patent-pending, will be launched on November 14.