A YORK shop owner was victim of his own success, when he was injured by his business award while preparing his new shop.

Phil Pinder, who owns Cuffs & Co, was moving goods from his shop in Shambles to his new, bigger shop in Goodramgate on Wednesday, when he was struck by his 2017 Small Business of the Year trophy.

Phil and his friends were preparing to move a laser cutting machine after the shop closed, when the accident happened.

He said: "I had to move a cabinet and forgot I had put the award on top earlier

"The people nearest to me asked if I was alright. I said yes, I think so, and touched my head, and a friend said 'you're absolutely covered in blood, mate'. There was quite a lot of blood and we staunched it with toilet paper, as we hadn't unpacked the first aid kit yet, it was still at the other shop."

The group phoned and ambulance and fetched the first aid kit from the Shambles shop, and a blood-soaked Phil was led out of the shop by paramedics.

He said: "There were a few terrified old ladies coming out of Tesco who asked if I had been robbed. It was quite a hit, really, and I felt a bit sick, but there was no lasting damage."

Doctors at York Hospital glued Phil's scalp back together, and he said he was impressed with their work.

He said: "The scab is quite good, it's not even bumped up. I felt like I had a book weighing on my head, the whole top of my head was numb, but buzzing with pain I've never experienced before."

Phil said the trophy was chipped when it hit the floor, but "it doesn't affect the look of the trophy, so it's very well made, obviously", and had some advice to anyone entering this year.

He said: "I would give a warning to anyone thinking of entering this year's awards to make sure their trophy is superglued to the top of a cabinet before moving it."