MORE than 150,000 bulbs are set to be planted near Hull Road.

Residents are invited to get involved by helping plant some of the bulbs near Badger Hill Primary School on Saturday morning.

Many of the flowers will also be planted along the verges of Hull Road and the project was launched after a "hugely popular" free bulky waste collection service earlier this year.

Labour councillor Michael Pavlovic said: “I’m pleased to say we don’t need volunteers to plant all 150,000 but we would like to encourage local residents, and school pupils from Badger Hill Primary, to join us to plant some bulbs at Badger Hill Playing Field this Saturday, at 10am. We are incredibly proud of the ward we represent and this initiative is one of many things we are doing to make the ward look as attractive as we can. Once the bulbs are planted on Hull Road itself I think residents and visitors will be very taken by the impact it has. It will be a very visual statement of our commitment to the ward." The bulbs have been paid for through ward funding. Residents can access the field from Crossways.