From our archives:

85 years ago

Crystal Palace was home to more than 2,813 dogs at the opening of the 72nd Kennel Club Show. Pedigree was the essential password, as some of the dogs had “family trees” that made them members of the country’s canine aristocracy. Although Cocker spaniels had contributed to more than 419 of the entries, the numbers on a whole were well distributed among the other 81 breeds. In Malton, two men rode horseback through the Market Place to kickstart the ancient and picturesque Michaelmas Fair. Wearing a silver braided top hat the Town Crier rang his hand bell and declared the important stock fair officially open. And MP Roger Lumley, had announced that they had reached a point where the York County Hospital was in urgent need of funds. Regarding the voluntary hospital movement, the situation had reached a critical period and without the country’s help, hospitals could not continue to provide the best service possible.

50 years ago

A run-down Georgian house in Micklegate had been bought by Oxfam for its new North and East Yorkshire regional headquarters. Yorkshire, which had been previously run by two Oxfam organisers in Leeds, had now been split to ease administration, with York chosen as its regional centre. England’s toffee apple makers had won their fight for justice against the taxman after a high court judge had ruled that toffee apples, a firm favourite with generations of children, were fruits and not sweets, and not subject to tax. And all was not well aboard the Apollo 7, astronauts had to deal with a frozen aircraft radiator, and the Commander in charge had caught a common cold.

20 years ago

A bomb disposal squad had been called out to the McCain chip factory in Scarborough after explosives were discovered on the premises. Army officers from the Explosive Ordnance Depot at Catterick Garrison had been called out to the Eastfield plant shortly after 2am, recovering just two fuses and a percussion fuse. All devices were confirmed as not dangerous and were taken away for safe disposal. And Brittas Empire comedy star Mike Burns had taken the plunge at Edmund Wilson Baths to help the British Sub-Aqua Club’s campaign to get more people diving using sub-aqua gear.