PEOPLE in York are being asked for their views on what should happen to the Bootham Park Hospital site.

City of York Council and the NHS have said they are exploring the use of the wider 24 acre site, containing the Grade 1 and 2 Listed buildings and hospital field, the vacant former nurses accommodation site and the coach and car park.

The former mental health hospital was closed to inpatients in 2015 after concerns were raised by inspectors.

The public are being asked to focus on possible options for the site including:

• health functions, such as intermediate care accommodation, longer-term social care, and medical education facilities.

• other high quality public services

• active leisure and public health facilities

• better transport connections into and through the site

• viable commercial uses, which will mean that the heritage status properties can be re-used and maintained in the future

• addressing the city’s housing needs, including key worker accommodation

Any future development will be subject to restrictions due to the heritage status of the site, traffic and transport links and financial viability. Redevelopment will also have to be open to commercial uses, such as offices, enterprise space or a hotel to attract more investment into the site, the council has said.

Cllr Ian Gillies, council leader, said: “This is a huge opportunity to consider an appropriate future for the Bootham Park estate, and hopefully continue its service to our city. We want to explore all options and look to the future with the role the site could play in the lives of York’s residents."

The NHS has an obligation to make sure that assets like former hospital sites are either re-used or sold to make sure that released running costs are spent locally on services instead of property costs.

The council and local NHS partners have asked Ministers at the Department for Health and Social Care for the sale of the former hospital to be put on hold while they explore how best to guide re-development but there is a very short window to undertake this engagement. This engagement process will continue, even if ministers advise NHS Property Services to continue to with the disposal.

The project will ensure that the significant heritage assets on the site are identified and understood by any potential future developer, the council said.

People can give their feedback in several ways, by filling out an online consultation, at a drop-in exhibition or on a guided walking workshops around the site and exterior of the building.

The deadline is November 1.

You can talk through the proposals with a member of the team at:

Monday 15 October 1pm to 4pm, York Explore, Library Square, York YO1 7DS

Saturday 20 October, 12:30pm to 4:30pm, York City Church, Citadel YO31 7EA

Monday 22 October 6:30pm-8:30pm, Guildhall Ward event focusing on regeneration proposals in the ward, York Explore, Library Square, York YO1 7DS

Wednesday 24 October, 3pm-7pm, York City Church, Citadel YO31 7EA

You can also give your views and find out more about the proposals online here

To book a place on a walking tour of the site visit: