From our archives:

85 years ago

A new record had been set up by the Graf Zeppelin which had arrived at Friedrichshaven from South America after its latest crossing of the Atlantic. The famous airship had only taken 71 hours, less than three days to reach Friedrichshaven on Lake Constance from Pernambuco, Brazil. In Selby, a public meeting had been held at the local Labour Hall against the proposed reduction of five per cent of agricultural workers wages. And Miss Frances Perkins, the first woman to become a Cabinet Minister, in America, had introduced a new fashion in chairs. All her male underlings, secretarial assistants and so on, were also following her lead. The special, “anti-fatigue” swivel chair had been developed by scientists to prevent fatigue among their employees. According to Reuter, Miss Perkins who had been testing her chair for the past six months, still looked calm and cheerful.

50 years ago

Mr Harold Wilson and Rhodesian Mr Ian Smith had re-started their tough bargaining aboard the assault ship Fearless in Gibraltar Harbour. The premature suspension of yesterday’s formal session was followed by a 90-minute private evening talk between the two men. An idea for improving snack meals in local pubs had proved to be a half-baked idea, judging by the attendance of a course held at White House Lodge in Haxby Road, York. Originally set to start last year, the course had been cancelled when licensees failed to enrol. This year, once again, the situation was just the same. And a writer for the parish magazine of St Hilda’s Church, York, had hit out at plans to put a bar in the former St John’s Church Ouse Bridge. “Facilities would include a bar, and church buttresses would be used for illuminated play bills. Happier would it have been for that church, if it had been destroyed like St Maurice’s,” declared the writer.

20 years ago

During a series of quiz-show anecdotes at the Dean Court Hotel, York, quizmaster Magnus Magnusson had revealed how he once “killed” a man. The unfortunate 1973 finalist, Dr Reginald Webster, had been featured in Mr Magnusson’s new behind-the-scenes book on Mastermind, I’ve Started So I’ll Finish. And members of the flock at Malton Methodist Church were moving to pastures new to make way for a £350,000 development scheme which included a three-storey extension to the rear of the building, a place of worship since 1811.