I’M completely baffled by scientific facts but am concerned by global warming.

Forests are being cleared at frightening rates, thus affecting air quality enormously - and they want to blame the cows.

Never mind, carry on fracking and we’ll all disappear underground. So why worry?

Eunice Birch,

Coombs Close,

Sutton-on-the-Forest, York

Criminal behaviour must be challenged

IMAGINE yourself for a moment in a small village where you have been living happily with your family for 67 years.

For the past year or so you have been under threat as the occupation government decides your home, your whole village and the charity-built village school must all be destroyed.

Worse still, if you do not demolish your own home, deadline last Sunday, bulldozers will come and do it. How would you feel?

Sadly this is the reality for families in the village of Khan al-Ahamar, in Palestine, where the occupiers, Israel, wish to have an illegal Jewish settlement developed.

Despite having a great deal of international support and making a plea to the Israeli supreme court the villagers of Khan al-Ahmar face a bleak future, seeing their village destroyed.

The British Government has joined the international community in condemning Israeli demolitions and illegal settlements.

This is a war crime and as Saleh Higazi, of Amnesty International, said: “With this shameful and manifestly unlawful ruling the Supreme Court (in Israel) has confirmed a pattern of complicity in the crime of forcible transfer of Palestinian communities for the expansion Jewish only settlements.”

We share a common thread of humanity, and must not allow this criminal behaviour to go unchallenged.

For the sake of everyone involved, please contact your Member of Parliament, and/or the Foreign Office in London.

Sue Cooke,

Windmill Rise, York