IN 1766 when it was decided to extend Edinburgh beyond the Old Town and land was made available to the council to the north a competition was held to produce a design appropriate to the land itself and the requirements of the citizens.

The winning design by a 26-year-old was the foundation of Edinburgh New Town, now an internationally famous World Heritage site, substantially unchanged.

I wonder if an international competition might not do for York what James Craig’s design did for Edinburgh 250 years ago. Famous architects to be excluded as contestants or judges: the city could not afford them.

The winner’s payment could include Freedom of the City, a knighthood and worldwide fame - all relatively cheap.

A V Martin,

Westfield Close,

Wigginton, York

Let’s celebrate the history of our clubs

I WAS wondering if in the new Community Stadium there will be a museum showing the past achievements of both clubs.

Many supporters have happy memories both at the Crescent and Clarence Street.

Will there, for example, be a new David Longhurst Stand?

My fear for the new ground is that the proud history of both clubs will disappear as the bulldozers move in.

Timothy Wynn Werninck,

Dodgson Terrace,


Yorkshire MPs must follow Rachael’s lead

WILL our Yorkshire MPs have the guts to follow Rachael Maskell’s lead and get the pathetic excuse of a Transport Minister to get his head out of the sand and do his job?

Rail passengers have suffered for months due to Chris Grayling’s gross incompetence.

Northern Rail state “we are listening” and “providing customer support when you buy your ticket to when you reach your destination”.

Then they have the gall to get rid of the public’s lifeline, the guards, cow towing to their bosses Arriva, who in turn answer to Deutsche Bahn (DB).

The Tories have the power to stop this charade and order Northern to drop this dangerous path they are following.

If they do this, the strikes will end.

If not, strip Northern of its franchise.

Yorkshire MPs, are you men or mice?

Stick up for your long-suffering passengers and actually do something.

Rhetoric is simply not working.

Well done, Rachael.

William Moore,

Lochrin Place,York