THE Diary has decided to try and resolve the ambiguity surrounding the exact boundaries of Holgate, in York.

On Thursday, we published a story about a park behind Salisbury Terrace - and we said the park was in Holgate.

We gave this location after consulting our A-Z and suspected the park might be in Holgate anyway because it was Holgate councillors who had given us the story about the park.

But reader Trevor Bailey contacted The Diary saying that when he was born in Bright Street 68 years ago, the street was situated in Leeman Road.

He said that it was still there when he moved back in 1982, and that Holgate was and still is as far as he was aware "over the railway down Poppy Road."

And so The Diary embarked on a quest to ascertain the true borders of Holgate - by asking ward councillor Sonja Crisp about the geographical extent of the area she represents.

Helping us to trace the boundaries of Holgate, Coun Crisp started us off in Carr Lane.

She said half of it was in Acomb, the other in Holgate.

Then she took us north, across Boroughbridge Road, and along Ouse Acres.

"The boundary takes in Skelton junction and runs along the river at that side of it," she said. "It carries on along the river to Clifton Bridge. It goes straight along the river, right the way down to Scarborough Bridge. Then it goes over into Leeman Road. It runs up Leeman Road, incorporating the railway museum."

The boundary then runs south along the railway track across Holgate Road, as far as the subway just to the west of Pulleyn Drive.

It then runs north to where Hamilton Drive West meets Hamilton Drive. The boundary continues north towards the junction of York Road with Carr Lane - cutting out Severus Street.

It would appear then that the mystery has been solved: the park IS in Holgate.

A niece idea

HERE at The Diary, we're always keen to reunite long lost relatives.

Brian Rowan, 75, of Tang Hall, York, is trying to find his niece, Camilla Dawson, daughter of Jane Smith and Colin Dawson.

"Please call your uncle Brian on 01904 438942, who may be able to help," he said.

He last saw Camilla four or five years ago. Camilla lived in Goodramgate, York, at the time. If you're her, or know her, please phone.