AN addict stole flu jabs and insulin and ruined more than £800 of prescription medicines when he raided a chemist’s in search of a fix, York Crown Court heard.

Colin Darren Marron, 50, was “desperate” for drugs despite his attempts to kick his habit, said his solicitor advocate Mark Partridge.

Jessica Lister, prosecuting, said police responded so quickly when Marron set off the burglar alarm at Bishopthorpe Road Pharmacy, York, they spotted him cycling away.

He was tracked by CCTV and despite his attempts to escape was boxed in by police cars on Fulford Road and arrested.

Marron, of Nunnery Lane, York, pleaded guilty to burglary and was given a 15-month prison sentence suspended for 12 months on condition he does 40 days’ rehabilitation activities and commits no more offences.

He was also ordered to pay the £300 cost of repairing the pharmacy’s front door.

Miss Lister said Marron, who has a long history of offences, threw a paving slab through the pharmacy door at ten minutes to 1am on March 5.

Once inside, he grabbed drugs and medication worth £360.80 from a fridge, including morphine, insulin and flu jabs.

He left the fridge door open as he fled which meant that the £885 worth of medication still in the fridge was damaged and had to be thrown away.

He also left a screwdriver in a sink with his DNA on it.

When he was arrested shortly afterwards, he had fragments of glass on his face and neck.

Mr Partridge said Marron had had a heroin habit since he was 15.

He had been working with rehabilitation agencies and Narcotics Anonymous to kick his habit and was now drug free.