THE York company behind a globally used tracking app is to demonstrate a new enhanced version at an exhibition in Las Vegas later this month.

Vismo Global Tracking Solutions’ Vismo App can locate individuals anywhere in the world.

Colin Dale, VP business development, said its new Vismo 2 app - designed for use on smartphones and satellite phones - took global tracking of at-risk employees and other individuals to a ‘whole new level.’

He said the firm would be demonstrating it at Global Security Exchange [GSX] Exhibition in Las Vegas, one of the largest security shows in the world, between September 23 and 27.

He said Vismo 2 was a much enhanced version of the company’s original Vismo GPS Tracking App, used by many FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies, and NGOs, around the world, and it had been entered for a GSX Innovative Product Award.

“With more than 22,000 attendees from 100+ different countries, the exhibition has a significant impact in the security industry and among business and NGO users of security products and services,” he said.

“Vismo Incident Management System [VIMS] allows security teams to identify Vismo 2 users - typically at-risk employees or other individuals – quickly either before an incident poses a threat or is a direct threat to them.

“After automatically locating the users, VIMS prompts the teams to immediately help them with assigned and definable tasks.”

Also new was Vismo Mass Notification Service, VMNS, a feature which allowed Vismo 2 users to be asked for their safety status via multiple communication methods including text, email, text to voice and in-app. Vismo 2 also introduced advanced mapping options, which allow the teams to view different map, for example: satellite view, terrain and open street view. He said: “Vismo 2 makes deep use of advances in monitoring and mass notification technology to provide user organisations with robust, additional layers of security, making it a major step up from our original app.

“The key advantage of Vismo 2 is its ability to give user organisations’ security teams a ‘bigger’ and much more detailed picture in real time of risks posed to their employees or other individuals on their system.”