CAMPAIGNERS have called for the York Central planning application to be withdrawn after raising concerns about public transport within the scheme.

York Bus Forum, an independent group representing bus users in and around the city, said the development risks causing more traffic and pollution, leading to “snarl-ups” on York roads.

John Bibby, spokesman for the organisation, praised the development as a “great opportunity” but said it is in danger of being “bodged” if public transport is not prioritised.

He said: “There’s a massive increase in housing and office space. That’s going to impact on transport massively. Traffic will be able to pass through the site so it will become a rat run.

“There’s no provision for buses really except for a few stops. There is something like 2,000 car parking spaces but four bus stops in each direction.

“This is a great opportunity, it’s the best development possibly in all of England but it risks being bodged. It’s failing to anticipate the changes that are going to happen in transport.

“It’s basically going to lead to more congestion and more pollution.”

The group also said residents have been given too little time to have their say on the planning application, which is more than 2,000 pages long.

Mr Bibby said: “I don’t think it’s fit for purpose because of its size. One wonders what the detailed plan will look like if this is the outline.

“The documents are very technical, very difficult to understand and very flawed.

“It contains too much development, the wrong sort of development, and far too little time has been allowed for adequate public discussion.

“The application should be withdrawn.”

The York Bus Forum has developed its own proposals for a new bus interchange and walkway and cycleway over the railway.

But a spokesman for the York Central Partnership said public transport will play a “significant role” in the plans, with new bus stops created throughout the site.

He said: “The application has been developed through an extensive planning and engagement process that began in 2016. How vehicles, including public transport, will move through the site plays a significant role in the application for outline planning consent.

“Park and Ride services will run through York Central along the new main road in the site. It is proposed that the local bus services from Salisbury Terrace that currently travel down Leeman Road will still move through the York Central site and continue to service residents living in this area.”

They added that bus stops are also planned on the new road to the west of the station.

Residents can have their say on the application at before September 28 and for more information visit

A public meeting of the York Bus Forum will take place at West Offices today (September 18) at 5.30pm and MP Julian Sturdy will address a meeting at the same location at 5.30pm on Wednesday, September 19.