LIBERAL Democrats have called for the complete abolition of the position of Police & Crime Commissioner, in both York and North Yorkshire and across the UK.

The party's autumn conference has reaffirmed its commitment to devolve powers to local people and communities and take away imposed decision making from Westminster.

As well as dispensing with PCCs, such as York and North Yorkshire's Julia Mulligan, it also agreed to remove barriers for those wanting to create new town or parish councils and neighbourhood forums, empower local authorities financially in an effort to support devolution and require all services and projects commissioned to take into account social value.

Cllr Keith Aspden, leader of the York Liberal Democrat group, said:“In York, we have suffered as a result of decisions being taken in London.

"The funding gap between London and Yorkshire continues to widen and local people are becoming increasingly frustrated by the lack of investment in local public services.

“York needs a fair deal and by giving power to local communities and providing local government with the proper financial backing, we can begin to address the under-investment of our area.”

“The Liberal Democrats are the only party delivering detailed policies to empower local communities and our city.”