YORK Musical Theatre Company will journey through the Disney decades from October 4 to 6 in When You Wish Upon A Star, a magical new show from Paul Laidlaw.

After YMTC's success with devised shows over the years, such as Something Wonderful, Hooray For Hollywood, Coward And Cole and Happy & Glorious, director Laidlaw turns his imagination to an entertainment for all ages to enjoy.

Walt Disney once said: "That's the trouble with the world. Too many people grow up", and indeed it is hard to imagine a childhood without the world of Disney. "The timeless songs, characters and films that Disney has created over the many years since the first creation of Mickey Mouse 90 years ago have charmed and enthralled children and adults the world over," says Laidlaw, whose devised show promises to "bring the magic of Disney to York in a unique way".

"We shall be journeying through the decades of Disney that have enchanted audiences of all generations from Steamboat Willie in 1928 up to the hits of today such as Moana and Frozen."

Paul continues: "Along with the brilliant work done by Walt Disney’s team of creative artists, designers, writers and voice artists, there is no question that the success of his animated and live action films owed a great debt to the talented composers who provided the songs and scores which made his films so memorable.

"From Frank Churchill through the Sherman Brothers to Elton John and Alan Menkin, a team of dedicated and inspired men provided some of the most romantic, witty, beautiful and exuberant songs ever to appear on the silver screen. When You Wish Upon A Star is a tribute to those who created the music that was the very essence of Walt Disney’s timeless magic."

Next month's show at the Joseph Rowntree Theatre will have a cast of, if not thousands, then plenty, including ten new company members. Taking part will be Nikki Ainscough; Matthew Ainsworth; Richard Bainbridge; Charlotte Buckingham; Lisa Marie Carruthers; Alexa Chaplin; Jenny Cohen; Samantha Fletcher; Chris Gibson; Larry Gibson; Jonny Holbek; Jane Holiday; Samantha Holmes and Sophie Houghton Brown.

In the company too will be Becka Ingram; Amy Lacy; Emma-Louise Lane; Eleanor Leaper; Natalie Leaper; Charles Marsh; Katie Melia; Anna Mitchelson; Jennifer Page; Sarah Pollard; Lydia Potter; Paula Stainton; Becki Stowe; Simon Trow and Rhian Wells.

Tickets for the 7.30pm evening performances and 2.30pm Saturday matinee are on sale at £14, with a family ticket offer available, on 01904 501935 or at josephrowntreetheatre.co.uk/eventids/1069.