A FUNDRAISING group which has raised more than £100,000 for the NSPCC has celebrated the 93rd birthday of a founding member.

The Dunnington branch of NSPCC fundraisers was set up in the early 1980s, and last week celebrated the dedication and efforts of Yvette McHugh, who has just turned 93.

Yvette began fundraising for the NSPCC sixty years ago, going door to door to collect donations along with friends, and helped set up the Dunnington fundraising branch.

Over the years the branch has organised coffee mornings, wine evenings and just recently a flower arranging demonstration with local florist Fiona Hogg, and have raised a total of £100,781.

Yvette, who was stationed at Bletchley Park during the Second World War, has attended meetings without fail since the group started, and was honoured with an MBE for her efforts in raising money for the NSPCC.

Kay Federico, current chair of the fundraising committee, said: "Yvette is a wonderful lady who is so supportive of all we do, even now she attends meetings, always putting posters up in her windows for us. I am really proud to be a part of this committee, not only for the children we have helped over the years but for all the incredible men and women I have had the fortune to meet and get to know."

Yvette said: "It is all about the children that the NSPCC can help, to know that my fundraising which I have enjoyed immensely over the years, the special events, the friends I have made, at the heart of it all is the difference we have made to generations of children."

Yvette said she hoped her service would inspire others to come forward with new fundraising ideas to help children.

She said: "We have had so many enjoyable events over the years, especially the French and Italian wine evenings but it would be good to have some new supporters, brimming with enthusiasm and ideas for the Committee."