A POPULAR Harry Potter-themed shop in York is doubling in size.

The Shop That Must Not Be Named, in Shambles, has drawn so much interest since opening a year ago that visitors are often seen queuing outside the shop.

Two further Harry Potter-themed shops - The Boy Wizard and World of Wizardry - were opened in quick succession by a different owner.

The Harry Potter takeover continues as now The Shop That Must Not Be Named has been granted permission to expand into a former jewellery shop next door and to link the buildings together to allow them to be used as one shop.

The application by owner Adam Rodway states that the expansion is due to the success of the business and the large number of customers it attracts.

The creation of “a bigger retail unit in ground floor and extra storeroom... and attic space will improve the customer’s service,” it states.

Three doors linking the buildings, which date from the 19th, 18th and 15th centuries, will connect them as one unit.


A spokesperson for The Shop That Must Not Be Named declined to give further details about their plans for the extra space.

The Shop That Must Not Be Named has previously told how tourists are travelling to York from around the world to see Shambles, which was used as an inspiration for Diagon Alley by the filmmakers.

Hannah Wallace, the shop’s manager, said: “Lots of customers say they add York to their stop list to come and see us.

“Apparently we have been seen on Asian TV channels and we have been approached by Argentinian TV which is amazing. We had one family from Malaysia that showed us a TV episode about York, there was a five minute spot where they had obviously filmed in the shop.

“People are hearing about us before they hear about the Shambles.”

Tourism chiefs at Visit York say the link between the street and Harry Potter has been perpetuated on social media, with countless pictures posted on Instagram and Twitter.

Paul Whiting, head of Visit York, said: “The Harry Potter phenomenon and the inspirational link between the Shambles and the film depiction of Diagon Alley is something that has cropped up among visitors for years, especially on social media, recently reignited by the opening of magic and wizardry themed shops in this location.

“The fictional air of mystery surrounding the location of Diagon Alley and the chance to discover a real-life inspiration on their own journey through the city is absolutely part of the charm for Potter fans visiting York.”

The organisation said tourists, especially from China, often head into its information centre to ask how to get to the ‘real-life’ Diagon Alley.