POLICE have objected to plans by a York lap dancing club to open earlier on race days.

A request submitted to City of York Council’s Gambling, Licensing & Regulatory Committee by the operators of Black Orchid in Toft Green asks the council to allow the club to open from 6pm when York Racecourse is hosting events.

The club is currently open seven days a week from 9pm until 4.30am.

But while seeking a renewal of the sex establishment licence it requested permission to open between 9pm and 3.30am each night, but 6pm until 4.30am on race days.

In a letter from North Yorkshire Police’s alcohol licensing unit, PC Deborah Chadwick called for the council to refuse the change in hours.

She wrote: “North Yorkshire Police do not oppose the renewal of the sexual entertainment licence, however they are opposed to the extension of hours on York race days by allowing sexual entertainment to begin at 6pm.

“The police are aware that the licensing committee recently granted earlier opening hours on race days for another sexual entertainment venue in the city. However, in the interests of fairness, North Yorkshire Police requests that the committee adhere to their policy in not allowing sexual entertainment to take place prior to 9pm.”

Earlier this year Upstairs in Micklegate had its licence renewed allowing it to open from 9pm until 3am Monday to Sunday, and 6pm to 4.30am on race days.

North Yorkshire Police had objected to the longer hours on race days, saying councillors should stick to the new policy the council introduced just last year, blocking sexual entertainment before 9pm.

However the licence was renewed on the same terms - with earlier opening on race days - after the council heard the venue had been running with those hours since 2012, without complaint.

Council officers have provided three options to the committee in the case of Black Orchid, but have not made a recommendation other than “a decision be reached”.

The options before the meeting - which will take place on Monday, September 17 at West Offices - are to grant the renewal of the licence with the proposed changes, to renew the licence “with modified/additional conditions”, or to refuse the application for renewal.

Option one could not be appealed at magistrates’ court, while the second and third options could both be appealed.