A ECO-FRIENDLY York resident is "very disappointed" that his plans to put up a wind turbine outside his house were thrown out.

Bernard Beckett said he is annoyed because he had hoped the City of York council was doing everything it could to help the environment.

Mr Beckett, of The Avenue, Haxby, submitted an application to the City of York Council for a wind turbine to be placed on the outside of his semi-detached house which occupies a windy corner plot.

The turbine proposed has three blades with an overall blade diameter of 1.75m and a total installed weight of 25kg.

The initial application was refused by the City of York Council and an appeal was refused by the Planning Inspectorate, because planners were unsure how much noise the turbine would generate.

Mr Beckett, who is a nurse at York Hospital, said: "I am very disappointed because, as well as doing something green, I would have liked to have saved some money.

"I understand City of York Council has refused a number of other turbines which does nothing for its green record.

"The only objections I have received are in relation to vibration not noise, but I did take it into consideration and the sound levels are no worse than two people in normal conditions talking ten metres away."

"I think this should have the same planning rights as something like a satellite dish."

A City of York Council spokeswoman said: "There is insufficient information regarding the level of noise generated by the turbines.

"The company that produces the wind turbines is undertaking a survey to find out how much noise is emitted by the turbines.

"The information from the study was expected in January, but has not yet been received by the council."

And a report by J Chance from the Planning Inspectorate stated: "I note the appellant's frustration with the perceived lack of council officer support for this scheme, which would promote renewable energy and green issues, while wind turbines are being installed in neighbouring districts and elsewhere in York.

"However, such schemes should not be at the expense of detracting from neighbouring residents' enjoyment of their properties and in this case insufficient information has been provided to conclude that the proposal would not harm the living conditions of existing residential occupiers."

In July, Government ministers announced they will reduce planning restrictions for small scale micro-generation - including solar panels and small wind-turbines. The finer details of this move are currently in consultation.

Mr Beckett said if the planning restrictions were relaxed he would definitely go ahead and put up his proposed wind turbine.