A YORK MP spoke at a rally in York which was held to mark the 10th anniversary of the national free bus pass.

The event took place in St Sampson’s Square on Thursday, September 6. York Central MP Rachael Maskell was one of a number of speakers at the rally.

Ahead of the rally, Ms Maskell said: "Labour wants to make bus travel accessible to everyone. This is why we are committed to maintaining Labour’s concessionary bus pass for those over 60 and will introduce free bus travel for everyone under the age of 25. This will not only support families, but young people who have been made to pay for their transport to college as well as accumulate serious financial burdens with student fees.

“We believe that Labour’s offer will encourage people to use local buses rather than have to resort to their cars, and that is why we will commit to making transport far more accessible for everyone.”

The rally was organised by the National Pensioners Convention and supported by the York Bus Forum.