CITY Screen, York, will accompany September 10's 8.30pm screening of Under The Wire with a live question-and-answer session with documentary director Chris Martin and photojournalist Paul Conroy.

Described at the Sheffied DOC Fest as "a powerful, humbling salute to a breed of fearless figures willing to risk their lives as they bear witness to history's unfolding horrors", Under The Wire heads to Syria in 2012, when war correspondent Marie Colvin and photographer Paul Conroy entered the war-ravaged country to cover the plight of civilians trapped in Homs, a city besieged by the Syrian army.

Only one of them returned alive and Martin's film tells their story and that of the civilians trapped in Homs in an adaptation of Conroy’s own book of the events, with the documentary unfolding like a thriller as it shows the horrors endured by those who risk their lives to uncover the truth.

A renowned war correspondent with her trademark eye patch, Marie Colvin carried a formidable reputation for placing herself in the firing line to report hard truths to the wider world. Conroy’s footage from 2012 is so vivid and immediate that it places the viewer right at the heart of events. "You feel you are beside the duo as they hare through the pitch-black night to cross the border undetected," says City Screen marketing manager Dave Taylor. "You feel the shudder of shell fire, witness the loss of life and enter the infamous 'widow’s basement' filled with women and children seeking sanctuary from the incessant bombing."

Looking forward to the Q and A, Taylor says: "We shall be honoured to welcome both the director of Under The Wire, Chris Martin, to take questions from the audience after the screening, and also Paul Conroy, who was actually there in Syria, risking his life in order to bring these images out of the devastation of Homs to present to the world."

Tickets are on sale on City Screen’s new booking line, 0871 902 5747, in person at the Coney Street box office or at