PLANS to spend £200,000 on roadworks near York Hospital “might make things worse”, according to a public transport group.

York Bus Forum has criticised City of York Council’s proposals, which involve rebuilding the junction between Haxby Road, Wigginton Road and Clarence Street, and replacing the existing mini-roundabout between Wigginton Road and Fountayne Street with a new junction.

Graham Collett, chair of the group, says the scheme should be scrapped immediately because it is “an inappropriate and ineffective use of ‘Better Bus Fund’ money”.

He said the forum “seriously doubts that this project can reduce journey times for traffic generally, let alone for buses, as claimed. Indeed, it might make things worse”.

Mr Collett added that he feels more likely outcomes of the roadworks would be “massive disruption” and delays for buses during construction, no long-term improvements to bus times and increased traffic past the hospital.

York Bus Forum has called for the plans to be put on hold and has suggested ideas for how the money could be spent differently, including the introduction of “express” 24-hour park and ride services or a shared “hospibus” taxi service for staff and patients.

The council launched a consultation on the proposals, which it says will reduce journey times for traffic, particularly buses, on Wigginton Road, as well as improving pavements and crossings by creating larger pedestrian islands at the Haxby Road, Wigginton Road and Clarence Street junction.

A City of York Council spokesperson said: “We are currently inviting feedback on the scheme and are asking individuals or groups who have any comments to email them to or post responses to Julian Ridge, Better Bus Area Manager, City of York Council, West Offices, York, YO1 6GA by Sunday, September 2.

“We will then assess all the feedback before a final proposal is considered at a public decision session. We are currently aiming for a decision to be made at the Executive Member for Transport and Planning meeting in October.”

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