A YORK brewery has opened its new beer hall and street food kitchen, and the feedback from customers has been "universally positive."

Brew York, which opened in Walmgate in 2016, expanded into a neighbouring building earlier this year, and has spent the summer converting it into the city’s biggest beer venue.

The new upstairs beer hall serves 40 beers at a time, and also includes the new Born To Lose Burger Kitchen run by street-food chef Mark Hill, known in York for his Street Cleaver business.

More than 660 people helped crowdfund the brewery’s expansion, and some of them were treated to a private opening on Thursday, ahead of the public openings on Friday and Saturday - which hundreds of people attended.

The events also included live music, customers could try ‘hoptails’ - or beer cocktails - and preview the Brew York shop, which will open shortly.

Brew York co-founder Lee Grabham said: "It has been a lot of hard work [to get to this point].

"There's a really nice atmosphere and vibe up there.

"The feedback has been universally positive. People are loving the variety of beers and really enjoying the food."

Mark’s opening menu has three main burger options: The Bourdain, The Big Cheese and The Reuben, with vegetarian and vegan options also available. Smaller dishes will include kimchi mac cheese, pig’s head crubeen donut, and a sharing platter of Korean-inspired dishes.

Mark said: "We want this place to be really unique and really different. I think we are on that road now. I'm going to be changing the menu as much as they are changing the beers. It's going to be an evolving thing."

Down the line, Brew York will also host special events with guest breweries, and its new pilot brewing kit will also be set up in the coming months, to allow more experimental brewing or group events.