SELBY is bracing itself for an influx of Germans next month, as visitors come across the Channel from the town's twin.

As well as long-time town twin Carentan, in France, Selby is linked with Filderstadt, a small town near Stuttgart, in Germany.

The communities were joined together in a special ceremony at Selby Abbey in 2002. Since then, groups have crossed over the water, taking it in turns to visit each year.

Tina Mason, the town clerk and member of the twinning committee, said the latest group of 16 would arrive late next Thursday. There will be six first-time visitors among the group.

Tina said one of the highlights of their trip would be a "wine bluff" event, held at the town hall on Sunday, September 9.

Kicking off at 7.30pm, it will give the guests a chance to sample some fine wine - and some British humour.

Three "experts" are each given a wine to taste and asked to describe its bouquet and aroma. But only one will give a truthful description of the liquor's scent.

The audience have to guess which of the three is the truth-teller - following the same pattern as TV's Call My Bluff.

"Everyone has a glass of each wine, and although we provide a bucket to spit it out, no one seems to use it," Tina said.

"So by the end of the day after four or five different wines, everyone's getting happy and no one really cares if they guess right.

"And our German visitors do like a drink."

Tina said the language difference did not act as a barrier, as most of the Germans spoke English, including one with a twang all of his own.

"I don't speak much German, but most of them speak good English, and a few of our group speak German," she said.

"One of the guys from Filderstadt learned to speak English in Liverpool, so he sounds like a Scouser. We're going to take him there on the Saturday."

The visitors will also be treated to a day out to the Humber Bridge and super-aquarium The Deep, both in Hull, on Friday.

They will also see inside Drax Power Station and pay a visit to Lotherton Hall, in Aberford.

If anyone would like tickets for the Wine Bluff - which costs £5 with a light bread and cheese supper - or would like further details about twinning, phone Tina on 01757 708449.