POLICE are urging people to respect the speed limit after a motorcycle was recorded travelling at 103mph on a 40mph road by a speed camera.

Officers said the incident took place last Saturday morning in a village on the outskirts of Selby.

They added that the motorcycle was spotted on a road where police see a high number of crashes which have resulted in casualties suffering life-changing injuries or people being killed.

A spokesman for North Yorkshire Police urged people to respect the speed limit, adding: "Regardless of your views about the use of safety cameras take a moment to think about the devastation that could be caused to both the rider and other members of the public if a collision was to happen at 63mph over the signed speed limit."

Police said on the same weekend, the speed camera team also recorded a car travelling at 144mph on a dual carriageway in the area - 74mph over the speed limit.

Anyone concerned about speeding on a road in their area can visit northyorkshire.police.uk/what-we-do/road-policing/community-speed-watch.