LOOKING to adopt a loveable new pet? Thousands of hardworking hens saved from slaughter are looking for new homes in York.

The British Hen Welfare Trust will hold an event in Sand Hutton on September 29 where hens that have spent their lives laying eggs for supermarkets will be looking for families, gardeners, people from schools or care homes to give them a new home.

These hens would normally go to slaughter but a spokesman for the charity said they will continue to lay eggs and will be cuddly, tame pets.

Francesca Taffs, marketing and communications officer for the trust, said: “These hens make the most wonderful pets – they just want the chance to be free and live like chickens should. After a few weeks you’ll be able to pick them up cuddle them just like you would a cat or a dog and, best of all, they’ll even lay you fresh eggs for breakfast.”

For more information visit bhwt.org.uk.