From our archives:

85 years ago

Six hundred additional police officers were having to be drafted in to help with the King’s visit to Leeds, thanks to a rather lengthy procession route. The additional men from various centres would be used to control the crowds along an inward route of 10 miles, seven of which were within the city boundary, and an outward route of eight miles, five of which were in the city. Provisions had also been made along the line of the route for crowd barriers, which would be moveable, and would allow additional space on the road and seating for the aged and infirm, at the discretion of the police officers. And three small Flamborough boys aged 12 had saved 14 Sea Scouts stranded on the rocks at Joe Whiting Hole, west of the North Landing at Flamborough Head, by bringing them ashore in a small boat.

50 years ago

TV’s “Coronation Street” and the “Gazette” a series about a weekly newspaper was still under threat of going off the air if the television labour dispute was not settled within the next day or so. The dispute, now in its 17th day, had cost the companies an estimated £500,000 in advertising revenue. Manchester police were trying to identify a 12-month-old baby boy who had been wheeled into the out patients department of Manchester Royal Infirmary by a woman, who said: “I can’t stand this any more” and then walked out. And so far, there had been 20 objections to the proposed axing of nearly 100 trains in and out of York weekly on the Manchester route. The services affected were on the line between York and Manchester Victoria, via Normanton, Wakefield and Sowerby Bridge, which had been operating at a loss.

20 years ago

A team of experts from York had brought the ‘Lost World’ of Yorkshire’s prehistoric coast roaring back to life after geologists had discovered what they described as the ‘best dinosaur footprint’ they had ever seen in the Jurassic-age rocks near Whitby. The footprint which was left at the site more than 175 million years ago by a three-toed, two-legged dinosaur was now on show at York’s Yorkshire museum. And police and port authorities were bracing themselves for an invasion of 2,000 pig farmers from Selby who were joining other demonstrators at a Humber Port, protesting against foreign meat imports which were threatening their livelihood.