CAN you help reunite this camera full of family memories with its owners?

Neil Bartlett, from the Fishergate area, said he found the badly damaged Canon digital SLR in the gutter of the A64 while out walking his dog.

“The camera is beyond repair but the memory disc is readable and contains over 400 images, including a wedding, a golden anniversary, family holidays etc,” he said.

He contacted The Press in the hope an appeal could reunite the camera with its owners.

“The camera was found in the gutter of the westbound lane of the A64 dual carriageway, just as the road crosses over the Ouse at Fulford.”

He questioned how it got there, suggesting it might have been left on the roof of a car or trailer and then fallen off as the car accelerated. Another possibility was that someone had dropped it as they tried to take a photo of the Ouse out of the car window, he said.

The Press is unable to print the pictures due to copyright laws, however they include photos of a family camping trip and a day trip to York, including pictures of street performers.

If you think it may be your camera, email