We promised you more photos of wartime York: and here they are.

As we explained last week, we came across a collection of old photographs showing life on the home front in York during the war when we were rummaging through some cupboards recently. The photographs, all stamped 'Northern Echo' (The Press's sister newspaper in Darlington) had been shoved in a large white envelope with the words 'Precious pics - York wartime' on the front and stuffed in a large file.

We have seven more of the photographs for you today. They all date from between January 1939 and March 1941, and show everything from the Princess Royal (Princess Mary, the wife of the Earl of Harewood and aunt of our present-day queen) serving tea to soldiers at the York Station canteen to a lesson being given to volunteer firewatchers on how to tackle an incendiary bomb: a skill that would come in very useful during the York Blitz of April 1942...

The photographs, in date order, show:

1. January 18, 1939: The Princess Royal, Princess Mary (wife of the Earl of Harewood and Aunt of our own Queen Elizabeth II) pouring out tea for soldiers at York Station canteen

2. October 4, 1940: A military band playing in front of the Castle Museum in York

3. December 16, 1940: The Archbishop of York William Temple (holding the mitre in the frnt row) with agroup of soldiers he had confirmed at York Minster. He had also confirmed a young woman who was part of the ATS (standing next to the Archbishop). Photo: Northern Echo

4. January 15, 1941: Groups of volunteer firewatchers being given instructions on how to tackle an incendiary bomb: skills that would be needed just over a year later during the York Blitz... Photo: Northern Echo

5. January 18, 1941: Members of the Air Cadet Corps in York demonstrating their maintenance skills on an aero engine for the Archbishop of York, William Temple. Photo: Northern Echo

6. March 10, 1941: The Lord Mayor of York, William Horsman, submitting (not particularly graciously, judging by his expression) to a blood test during York's blood transfusion campaign. Photo: Northern Echo

7. March 27, 1941: A general view of York's new 'civic restaurant'. Photo: Northern Echo