WINSTON Churchill's cigar has gone missing from a Lego bust of the Prime Minister at the Royal Hall in Harrogate.

Staff urge whoever is responsible for the disappearance to return the cigar and there will be no questions asked.

Richard Catton, PR and media manager at the Harrogate Convention Centre, said: "Winston Churchill without his cigar is like Yorkshire pudding without onion gravy – just not complete.

“Now, while we can’t be exactly sure what’s happened to the cigar, we do know it probably disappeared during an award ceremony, when we had a lot of people here in what you might say was a ‘celebratory mood’.

“I’m sure we’ve all woken up the morning after a good night and found we’ve picked up a souvenir, that’s why we’re having an open-ended amnesty for anyone who might have a found a LEGO brick cigar in their pocket or handbag.

“Just hand it in or post it to us at the Royal Hall and there’ll be no questions asked.”

The Great Brick Adventure takes place at Harrogate Convention Centre from August 31 to September 2.