HERE'S a mystery for you. Following the recent restoration of the statue of William Etty in Exhibition Square by the York Civic Trust, John Shaw found himself comparing the restored statue to some old photographs.

John, the chairman of the Yorkshire Architectural and York Archaeological Society (YAYAS) found a couple of photographs from YAYAS' Evelyn Collection. Taken one in 1911 or 1912 and the other in about 1940, they show the artist holding a paintbrush in his right hand.

The statue today, however, has both the paintbrush and the fingers of the artist's right hand missing. John believes they must have broken off some time after 1940. But when, exactly?

We have dug out a few photographs of the statue down the years - from the day in 1911 when it was unveiled to a moody 2010 photograph by The Press's own Frank Dwyer - to get you thinking. The fingers and paintbrush are present in all but Frank's modern photo. So when did Etty lose them?

If you know, we'd love to hear from you...