PLANS for tunnels, bridges and other possible changes to the National Railway Museum have been on display in York.

Scores of local residents visited the museum on Saturday for the second consultation event, and were encouraged to leave their thoughts in notes on the displays, before an outline planning application is submitted next month.

Judith McNicol, director of the NRM, was on hand to speak to visitors and hear their views on the proposed changes.

She said: "There's been a real mixed response to what we've shown on the boards this week. Some people are really excited by things like bridges going over the top of the museum or tunnels going underneath, or even through the middle of a new gallery, so there have been some real positives.

"There's been some concern about safety and security for them, what does that mean walking through a tunnel space, and we will be taking all of those reactions into account as we put forward for planning in the next few weeks."

Tony Warren, of Leeman Road, said he had concerns over the proposals.

He said: "There are some good options being shown certainly a lot of though has gone into it, but I think there has been a lack of understanding about access to the existing Leeman Road area.

"My fear is Leeman Road as a community would be cut off and the development may stall and we will end up in a worse position than we currently have, and an additional 700 properties going in will cause traffic problems and parking problems."