HAILSTONES the size of golf balls have been falling in York during the latest thunderstorm to sweep the city.

Matthew Gibbons, who was in Walmgate at the time of the downpour, took some pictures next to a 10p coin to show the size of the hail.

"When it happened it was a huge torrent of hell from the sky," he said. "Everyone around me was running around in a panic."

Caroline McDonald shared a video on Twitter from Go Outdoors, where the huge hailstones had torn open her tent.

***Warning, contains strong language***

Rainfall and lightning radar show more storms are heading towards York, and some businesses in the city have already been affected by the weather.

Sutlers, in Fossgate, posted on their Facebook site this evening: "We’re sorry!

"Due the power cut in York we are regrettably having to close for this evening! We are trying to contact those of you who have booking for this evening but are having some trouble accessing our bookings! We’re very sorry! But hope you all have a spiffing Friday night and we shall be back open for business tomorrow at 10am!"

David Lloyd Gym in Hull Road also said their club was closed tonight.

In an email to members, a spokesperson said: "We are sorry to inform you that we have unfortunately had to close the York club this evening due to adverse weather conditions and flooding.

"We are working hard to try and fix this quickly for you and we will inform you as soon as we are up and running again."

More storms are travelling north from the Midlands and could reach York this evening.

The Met Office had warned that the greatest risk of violent thunderstorms would come this afternoon and evening, with locally torrential rain.

Thunderstorms have already hit York this morning, which has caused lots of standing water on roads.

York Press:

This picture was taken by Press Camera Club member Louise Jakobsen in Strensall this morning

The Met Office has warned that the greatest risk of violent thunderstorms will come this afternoon and evening, with locally torrential rain.

Sarah Dickinson took this dramatic picture of lightning over Fulford:

York Press:

Chris Foster, also in Fulford, took this image of the lightning storm over York:

York Press: