Great Yorkshire Fringe: Notflix, The Turn Pot, Wednesday

YES, you read that correctly. Notflix is not Netflix, but is about movies. And musicals. And improvisation.

The score here involves taking a suggested film title from the audience and turning it into an hour-long show, with the story mostly told through song.

Sounds a hoot? Well, plenty of the audience thought so, although I was not utterly convinced.

The Silence of the Lambs was the film the Notflix troupe of five young women were asked to get their teeth into.

Only two of the cast had seen the movie, which meant while one actor confidently played Hannibal complete with trademark slurp, her co-star playing Clarice seemed to think (as did the rest of the crew) that Jodie Foster's character was a journalist rather than an FBI agent.

To be fair, it is unreasonable to expect a group of 20-somethings to know the storylines of every movie – so the "musical films" they produce will inevitably adopt artistic licence.

The audience member whose film suggestion was drawn from the hat was asked at the start: "What was the positive message of the film?". He shouted: "Go vegan!" – which did make me laugh. He also helpfully told them about the serial-killing tailor in the movie, which allowed two of the characters to play "scissorhands" characters (handy, that, if you excuse the pun, especially as they obviously had some Edward Scissorhands "improvs", ahem, up their sleeves).

The beginning and the ending of Notflix's The Silence of the Lambs, The Musical, were the best bits. You couldn't fail to be impressed with the first improvised song, where the actors chanted in unison the catchy chorus "Go vegan, go vegan – giving up meat will set you free!", and there was a fun rap around the idea of doing things Sinatra-style "my way".

Much like a Hannibal Lecter meal, Notflix was good in parts, and probably more enjoyable if washed down with a good bottle of Chianti.