A STABLE lad took a friend’s vehicle to stop him drink driving – only to be caught himself driving over the alcohol limit, York Magistrates Court heard.

Julian Tanikal, prosecuting, said staff at the drive-thru McDonalds in Monks Cross were so concerned about Luis Stuart Ruse’s behaviour when they served him at 2.05am on May 13 that they contacted police.

Learner driver Ruse was stopped nearby and failed a breath test.

He told police he didn’t have permission to drive the car and had nine points on his provisional licence.

Ruse, 20, of Sheriff Hutton, pleaded guilty to drink driving, taking his friend’s car without consent, driving without insurance and driving alone without a full licence.

He was fined £220, ordered to pay a £30 statutory surcharge and £85 prosecution costs, and banned from driving for 14 months.

His solicitor Liam Hassan said he would keep his job, but his employer, a leading local trainer, had disciplined him over the incident.

Ruse had been out with a colleague who had had a “considerable amount to drink”. Ruse himself had only had two or three pints and had thought he was safe to drive, said Mr Hassan.

“He took a chance and drove the car,” said Mr Hassan. He was not entitled to drive it alone and wasn’t insured.

Ruse was one and a half times the drink drive limit, the court heard.